5 Quick Laying Options for Autumn

The temperature is dropping fast and the trees are shedding their leaves as autumn finally arrives and the last heat of summer is banished for another year. Now staying warm and dry is quickly becoming priority number one. But what’s the best way to do this while remaining stylish? Yes, trapping heat is essential, but get excessive with your layers and you’ll be sweating like a turkey on Christmas Eve!! Instead, use the following five options, and you’ll not only look good but also you will be well-equipped to beat the Great British weather.


Option 1 – Shirt, Jumper and Blazer

With colder days and freezing nights ahead of us, plus the office air conditioning now been a year-round fixture, use these pull-on wardrobe staples to easily switch between extremes. Lay the foundations with a well-fitting shirt in a neutral colour and follow up with a fine to mid-gauge jumper and a single-breasted blazer cut with just enough room to accommodate the underlying layers. A navy blazer would be the most versatile option but charcoal and dark grey can work as well.


Option 2 – Shirt with Cardigan

This is a good alternative to the standard office outfit, just throw on a plain-coloured or check shirt with a cardigan is cold-weather smart-casual dressing at its finest. You want a classic slim fit woollen cardigan and add a nice tie, or if your adventurous a bow tie, and you automatically move into more business territory. Also you can drop the tie and replace the classic cardigan with a chunky shawl neck version and this outfit becomes more bar room than board room. Finally you can finish the look with a combination of either chinos and boots to dress it up or jeans and sneakers to keep the look relaxed.


Option 3 – Shirt, Gillet and Blazer

Done right, the gillet adds an extra level of insulation to your look that’s particularly welcome on the brisk morning commute or after work drinks. Key to carrying this look off is finding a slim, lightly padded gillet. The gilet’s job here is to keep out the cold and lend a contemporary edge to your outfit so go for a classic navy colour or black. You can wear practically any shirt with the look just makesure your blazer doesn’t match the colour of your gillet otherwise they risk blending into each other. Again this look can be dressed up or down by pairing it with either chinos or jeans but why not embrace some colour by matching with burnt orange or emerald green chinos.


Option 4 – Shirt, Waistcoat and Coat

This is a very versatile option for most men but is very underrated in the modern day. Most offices, bars , coffee shops and restaurants these days have robust heating / cooling systems so this is when you will really appreciate this combination. Outside in the quickly cooling British autumn a shirt and waistcoat is not going to be good enough to keep the cold at bay but once inside the shirt and waistcoat combination will be more than enough to keep you warm. Any shirt can work with this combination but we think the best option would be a soft cotton oxford button down in a neutral tone The options in waistcoats are almost endless including single breasted / double breasted designs with or without collars and they come in a plethora of fabrics such as cotton / wool / tweed / cashmere and every shade of tone you can image so please be adventurous!! With regards the coat we would recommend a classic 3 button single breasted in navy or grey.


Option 5 – Roll Neck Sweater with Jacket

Yes we all know that the roll neck sweater was a staple of the bad old days of fashion in the 1970’s however tastes have moved on and in recent years the roll neck has received somewhat of a rehabilitation. So now is the time to grab that roll neck and combine it with a jacket for the perfect combination. Makesure that you pick the roll neck in a tradition autumnal tone such as navy / burnt orange / charcoal and keep the jacket traditional navy or grey plain cloth however both a single breasted or double breasted design will work.


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