Bags of Fun!!!

Once upon a time bags were strictly the domain of the female of the species however these days you will see all manner of shape and size bags on men’s shoulders, in their hands and draped across their bodies. It is fair to say that the bag has become almost as much a staple of a man’s wardrobe at it has a woman’s. Ok maybe that last claim is taking it a bit too far!! But the fact remains that these days a man need at least 1, if not maybe 2 or 3, decent bags depending on his lifestyle. So let’s quickly run down the basic types of bags the majority of men will need to tackle all the challenges of modern life.



1 – The Cross-Body Bag AKA Reporter Bag!

This item is a good starting off point for any man to venture into the daily use of a bag. They give off a slightly more casual vibe, so you might want to think twice before pairing one with a suit, but they look great with more casual attire. Think chinos and a crisp white cotton shirt or jeans with a shirt and V-neck sweater.  They come in a variety of sizes and materials from the more polished tan leather to the more relaxed canvass. You can also purchase the whole spectrum of colours but I would recommend a classic chocolate tone if going for leather or a subtle Navy or Deep Blue if going for a canvass bag. You’ll also want to make sure the strap is the right length for the bag to be carried no lower than your hip line. . You can see a wonderful example of one by following the link below



2 – The Backpack

This is the more traditional and rugged bag that a man would own and use on a regular basis. From the early school years carrying books and lunch boxes up to adulthood where a guy would use the backpack to carry his workout gear. The backpack is a functional tool bag that has been adapted into a fashion icon. These days you can pick up a backpack in almost any colour, fabric and at almost any price point. From designer labels and bespoke leather options at one end to the more budget friendly canvass or fabric options at the other end and all points in-between.

My advice would be to go for a light weigh canvass option in a neutral colour such as Navy, Khaki or Tan. You can add a little style with some leather trim and well finished pockets but don’t go to extravagant remember this is a functional tool that got to be used not just a fashion symbol to look good. Also again make sure the straps are the correct length and easy to adjust because it needs to feel as good as it looks. You can see a wonderful example of one by following the link below




3 –The Holdall / Weekender Bag

This is my favourite bag, from a fashion point of view it is the most attractive category but gets the least amount of use, still if you only buy one bag this year then buy one of these. The holdall does exactly what is says on the tin – it holds all your stuff!! Business trips, weekends away, family holidays the holdall or weekender bag has them all covered and it does it in style.


Again these types of bags come in every possible tone and material you can think of but my number 1 recommendation is chocolate leather or deep tan leather ideally with a strap so you can carry it by the handles or over your shoulder. Simple, elegant and classic are the only words to describe this type of bag and the best feature is that leather ages wonderfully so these bags look better as the years roll by. You can see a wonderful example of one by following the link below



So in conclusion whether you are a proud owner of a collection of bags or just considering buying one you have lots of options to choose from. Also if you’re thinking of what to buy that man in your life as it is coming up towards Christmas then you might want to consider a bag, not just fashionable but also functional, and a good bag will last for many years.


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