Father's Day Present Idea's

The majority of men are difficult to buy for – some of them are down right impossible.  But as fathers days starts to loom up in the not to distant future here in the UK, the cold hard facts are that we all need to start working out what to buy dad.  In this blog I am going to give you a few safe present ideas that any father would be proud to accept no matter his age


1 – Socks

This maybe well have been a surprising choice for my first option but just hear me out. I think socks have a bad name as far as presents for men are concerned – yes the packet of 5 for £4 at the local sports direct will not win you any prizes in the present giving department but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider socks it just means you need to purchase the right type of socks as a present!

Lot’s of stores offer amazing socks in a variety of colours and fabrics including luxury cashmere and pure cotton. Why not re-look at this option and consider spending a reasonable amount of getting your dad some luxury socks. Check out our emerald green contrasting socks by following the link below



2 – Wallet

Men should think of wallets as a luxury item that will be with them for many years and something they should invest some money and time in choosing just like picking smart shoes or a warm jacket for the winter. Think about what 1 item of clothing a man will use every single day no matter what season it is or if they are going to work or on holiday and the only consistent item is his wallet. However too many men down grade the importance of a good wallet and instead pick a low quality option that doesn’t look good and doesn’t last very long.  This means you have an opportunity to buy something that will look great and last a long time and get used every day for  a reasonable amount of money. If your looking for a good example of 100% leather wallets then follow the link below



3 – Wash bag

Ah that’s right people, the final option is another present that will be used on a daily basis. Men are notorious for leaving their toiletries spread all around the bathroom and bedroom. Shaving foam / razors / deodorant / toothbrush / floss ect….  And the issue has been made worse by the trend for growing  beards that has resulted in trimmers, scissors and beard oil making an appearance in bathrooms around the country! All of these items need to be kepy in one place, and your can provide the solution with a trendy and practical present of a wash bag.  I personally think cow hide or suede is best but for assistance then follow the link below.



So in conclusion you don’t have any more excuses for second rate father’s day presents – give the dad in your life a great gift this year.









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