Jeans – The caring Of, Not The Wearing Of !!!


Yes people as the title of this newsletter implies todays edition is focused on now you get the best out of your jeans. These days jeans are pretty much a staple of every man’s wardrobe, it doesn’t matter if your 15 or 55 jeans will be something you wear more often than you think. In todays more relaxed working environment jeans are becoming more acceptable and offer an easier transition from work to casual environments than anything else. Jeans have truly overtaken chinos and traditional trousers as the got to item for men.

But how do you continue to keep your jeans looking their best with all this extra wearing? This is an important question for men today and when you consider the plethora of  colour options when purchasing jeans such as, black, traditional, indigo, stonewashed, vintage, ect…. and that prices range from cheap and cheerful upto a few hundred pounds for designer items, you can clearly see that caring for your jeans is paramount to getting the best out of them.


So weather your jeans are budget value options or handmade in Europe ( as all Williot jeans are!! ) or even designer branded high priced limited edition, the following top 5 tips for caring for them is something you must follow to get the best out of your jeans.



Yes that’s right people you are most likely over washing your jeans – stop it now! I know this might upset some people and don’t get me wrong please wash your jeans if they are really dirty or have stains or marks but if the jeans appear clean then just hang them up in your wardrobe and stay away from the washer. Remember every wash removes a little more of the colour from the jeans and reduces the total life of the jeans.


2 – Wash Them Inside Out

Ok so when you have to put your jeans through the washer, and you will have to do it just a lot less then you do for all your other clothes, makesure you turn them inside out.


3 – 40 Is Too Hot !!

Yes you read that correctly 40 is too hot for jeans, 30 is best, you must wash them on a delicate setting on your washing machine to keep your jeans looking as good as the first day you purchased them. If you have the time and have purchased some very nice jeans that you love then I recommend hand washing them – it might sound extreme but due to the fact you should wash your jeans a lot less than you already do then washing them by hand might not be the burden it sounds like!!


4 – Stay Away From The Dryer

I know that living in the UK means we don’t always get the beautiful sunny days needed to dry our clothes outside and that the dryer can look like the answer. But not for your jeans, never for your jeans!! You must only air dry your jeans and hanging them up in a airing cupboard if you have access to one will speed up the drying time but never put them in the dryer as it will drain the colour and damage the material faster than any other process. Also you must never take your jeans to a dry cleaners. The chemicals they use will slowly degrade your jeans and after a few visits you will end up with a shiny finish which is never a good look on jeans!!


6 – Steaming is OK

So you know not to put the jeans on a hot wash or into a dryer and never to the dry cleaners but did you know it is fine to steam jeans? This is a less invasive form of cleaning your jeans and is something you should consider doing. The good news is if you invest in a steamer not only will it keep your jeans looking better for longer but also you can use it on your shirts to give them that professional crisp finish.


So in conclusion please makesure that you follow these guidelines so whatever jeans you buy are always looking there best for the longest time possible.





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