Jumpers - They Really Are A Man's Best Friend

That’s correct you did just read the title to this blog and wonder if I had started the Burns Night celebrations early ( if you do not know who the poet Robert Burns is and why there’s a night named after him then follow this helpful link to learn more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burns_supper )

Jumpers are a much over looked component of a mans wardrobe, they are vital to keeping him warm and looking good when the mercury starts to drop. Needless to say that here in the UK at the end of January the weather demands that any well dressed man owns a host of jumpers to add that extra layer of insulation against the winters night. But the big question is what type of jumper should a guy wear? Below you will see a run down of the 3 most common types of jumper and a quick explanation of who should wear them.


1, V-Neck Jumper

This is the classic jumper and is the go to option for most guys. The v-neck draws the eye up and down which creates a more forgiving silhouette go is very useful for men who have not yet shed those extra Christmas pounds. Also the v-neck allows you to pair this jumper with a shirt and tie or bow tie to add a hint more professionalism to the look if you plan on wearing it at the office. A great example is shown below



2, Roll Neck

This jumper is far less forgiving compared to the v-neck so if you are more towards the stocky then slim fit size I would recommend giving it a miss. Also don’t be put off by the roll necks 1970’s heritage the jumper is very much back in fashion and has been for the last few years so wearing one puts you bang on trend. One down size is that you can pop a sleek t shirt under the roll neck but not a shirt so it’s doesn’t do much for layering unless you go with a chunky knit version but then you might look like a fisherman who has lost his boat!! A good example can be found via the link below



3, Crew Neck

This is the typical jumper  most men think of and has a round neck, it doesn’t pull the eye up and down like the v-neck jumper but it does allow you to add a nice crisp shirt under it to layer unlike the roll neck jumper. The crew neck is a half way house between the 2 former options – it is a little more smart than a roll neck but you cannot dress it up with a tie or bow tie. It is a good piece to have but most men will find that they wear this item the least. A good example can be found via the link below













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