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The Fear Of Fashion

That’s right folks you read the title of this piece correctly 

THE FEAR OF FASHION – now please don’t get me wrong this is not fear as in you have to clean out a Isis held Iraqi village with your squad, or the fear that a surfer gets when they see a fin out of the corner of their eye while 50 yards off a Australian beach. No this is the fear of been unable, or perhaps unwilling, to wear the clothes that you want.

You see, fashion is really just an external representation of your personality. However what if for whatever reason you are scared of showing your true personality via what you wear? Ask yourself this question - do you honestly wear what you want and don’t care what others thinks?

If you are one of the few brave people who doesn’t give 2 fxxks what anyone else thinks including your respective peer group then good for you, please give yourself a massive pat on the back and continue to live your fabulous independent life. But if your like the vast majority of people who are influenced to a certain degree by peer pressure and a need to conform to your respective groups view of you, then please stop and reconsider are you suffering from fear of fashion?? Is doesn’t matter in what form this fear takes – maybe you’re the type of person who secretly has a love for waistcoats and pocket watches but nobody else you know wears them.

Or maybe you have always wanted to match some brightly coloured braces with some skinny jeans? Maybe you have even purchased a few of these statement pieces but they have remained stowed away in the back of your wardrobe or abandoned in some long forgotten bottom draw somewhere!

Well now is the time to break free of this fear, now is the time to take a stand, now is the time to overcome your fear. So whatever wonderful and exciting item of clothing you have always wanted to try but have not had the courage to wear it’s time to wear it. For me it is the bowtie – secretly I have always admired any man (or woman for that matter) who has the courage to wear a bowtie in the modern day.

Besides a very small number of social events in which black tie dress code is required I have never worn a bowtie but I have always liked the look of them. I even plucked up the courage to purchase one from a little known Spanish brand called Williot, check out their website at for more preppy clothing options.

The bowtie is a slick navy number with red and yellow stripes. I am going to wear it this weekend – sure some of my peers might crack a couple of jokes but they will get over it and I can finally face down my own fashion fear – I hope you do to!!

Please feel free to share your experiences using the links below or  or Williot_uk


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