NATO Watch Straps – The Watch Accessory You Need To Know About This Winter

Watches are the most talked about fashion item in my personal circle of friends, we all have opinions on the style, price, value and even relevance of a watch to the modern man ( I mean really do we need an watch at all since we are habitually attached to our smart phones!!) My friends cover an unusually wide spectrum of the watch owning community from one fiend who has invested a healthy 4 figure sum into a Omega and a Oris diver through to another who is the proud owner of a Lars Larsen quartz which retails at approx. £150.

However over the last 12 months I have noticed one ongoing discussion which unites all my watch owning friends – that is the issue of putting a NATO strap onto a watch. This one single issue is something that every one of my friends can agree on and they all endorse – so weather you own a Rolex Daytona or a Lars Larsen you need to start looking at how a NATO strap can upgrade your time piece. But what you may be asking is a NATO strap??


1 – What Is A NATO Strap?

A NATO strap is a general name given to any single piece of material used to fasten a watch to your wrist. The origins of the name are clouded in a bit of mystery and if you google the subject you will find different references to who and when they were first used.  Irrespective of who first used them they have a long tradition in the watch world. One of the first widespread uses of a NATO watch strap that caught the attention of Joe Public was in the James Bond movies of the 1960’s. So popular was the scene in one of the film that it has sparked a NATO strap called the Bond strap (however what most people call the Bond NATO is not actually the one used in the film, but that is another story !!!)

2 – How Does It Work

The first main reason why the NATO strap is so popular is because of how easy they are to change. To change a traditional watch strap you need some time, patient and an instrument called a spring bar remover. You use this to push back the spring loaded bars that pass through the material at either side of your watch and sit snuggly between the lugs of your watch. Then once this has been achieved you have to re-thread the spring bar through the new watch strap and try to replace the bar back between the lugs. Also you have to do this whole process twice – once for each side!!

To change a NATO strap you don’t have to mess around wasting time removing the spring bars – instead you just slide the NATO strap over the top of the spring bar and under the back of the watch and then over the spring bar at the other side. This in effect allows anyone to change a NATO strap in a matter of seconds. This is the secret of the NATO strap, it is so easy to change that you can have a series of different coloured NATO straps and use them to match your outfit.

3 – So You Just Use Them To Change The Colour Of The Strap?

No – you can buy NATO straps in the traditional fabric material and they come in a wide spectrum of options including single bold colours such as red / blue / black or with single stripes or double stripes or even triple stripes. You can also get NATO straps in specific Regimental colours which is a throwback to the military inspiration of the NATO strap but that’s not all. These days you can buy NATO straps in almost every type of material you can think of, which allows you to dress the watch in more interesting ways to match the rest of your look. For example if you are going into the office then you could slip on a smooth cowhide black leather NATO strap. If you have a restaurant date and you’re going for a smart casual look then give you watch a cooler vibe with a Tobacco suede NATO or a funky look with an electric blue camel leather NATO. If you have a day at the beach planned then slip on a traditional fabric NATO (maybe the bond NATO we discussed earlier) and your ready for a swim. Basically NATO straps give you options and thanks to the simple design they can be changed multiple times during the day no problem. A basic NATO fabric strap will cost around £10 and the price for the more expensive camel leather NATO can go upwards of £70, so whatever your budget you have options.


So in conclusion weather you are a proud owner of a Rolex or a Timex please make sure that you invest in some good NATO straps so your watch can become a part of your outfit instead of just an instrument to record time. If your struggling for any idea were to start please check out or watch options using the link below – each watch come with 2 straps so for a very reasonable price of only £30 per watch set your getting a very good deal !!





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