Summer Casual Outfit #1

The summer weather is upon us and has been for some time now so this week I decided to give you a quick and easy summer look to help you stay stylish in the heat. Below I will list simple and easy look for a man to wear that you might want to consider picking up asap while this beautiful weather lasts.

Summer Casual #1


As the summer heat drives the mercury higher you need to be able to find an outfit that allows you to navigate a hot Saturday afternoon without looking flustered. The look needs to be functional and something that is versatile enough for a nice walk around the park with the children or indeed a visit to the nearest pub to enjoy a well-deserved refreshment. This is where a simple t-shirt and shorts combination works brilliantly.  The key to this look is to keep the material super light so a 100% pure cotton t-shirt with linen or light weight cotton shorts is a must. Also to make the look work the t-shirt needs to be bright – think sky blue or red or even forest green. The shorts can be a more conservative blue or khaki but they must be smart shorts. Only wear swim shorts if your at the beach and only wear running shorts if your actually going for a run – never ever try to wear them casually. Also if by some quirk of misfortune you happen to own so over the knee shorts with multiple pockets please burn them immediately!!


Finish the look with a pair of canvass sneakers or boat shoes – never ever wear running trainers. I do not care how much your retro inspired vintage Nike air max cost you – with this outfit they will ruin everything.


See below a few links to some good examples we have available now.


So go ahead and enjoy the great summer sun this weekend but just make sure your clothes don’t spoil the fun !!!

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