Tie Or Bow Tie?

Wearing a tie starts young for almost every man, during the school years, young boys have to wear ties but theirs not much opportunity to display any individuality due to the nature of school uniforms. However once you leave school behind then the tie options become multiple and for the more adventurous fashion warriors a bow tie also becomes an option!! Below we list our top 3 alternative tie / bow tie options for when you guys wants to try something a little different.




Paisley retro inspired tie in sky blue with the pattern in a contrasting navy blue, this tie is as funky as it gets in an office environment. Suitable for use in all work locations that include desks,  it treads the line between smart and casual while never been to relaxed that you would feel your boss might comment on it. This is a safe first step into a more exciting world of neck apparel.




Option 2


Scarlet red tie with a small flower print might not seem very different but this is a 100% power play. Match this tie with a crisp white shirt and a smart navy single breasted suit and you will be channelling your inner mogul. Red in nature is a colour of warning and it has been established by science that humans view red as a colour to fear, so makesure that you pop this tie on for next months sales meeting and watch your fellow office warriors follow your lead.




Option 3


The next time you get invited to a summer wedding ditch the standard office tie and dress to impress by matching a navy bow-tie with sky blue shirt and a lighter fabric summer suit. If you want to go all out dandy throw on some matching navy trouser braces and a contrasting pocket square and you will be the talk of the wedding, just makesure your don't upstage the bride!!!




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