Winter Has Arrived – So Let’s Discuss Trainers!!

If you look out of any window in the UK this week you will be presented with a traditional winter scene reminiscent of a Christmas card. Therefore it seems a strange time to write a blog about buying trainers BUT stop and ask yourself when is the best time to buy trainers? Is it when the sun is shining or when the snow is falling? Don’t get me wrong I would not advise buying some new trainers at the end of October but as we are now in the glorious month of March and spring is just around the corner you might want to beat the crowds and grab your summer trainers today.

The main reason why I recommend buying trainers in March is that you can usually pick up last years stock at deeply discounted prices. I can already hear a chorus of angry voices saying “why do I want last seasons trainers” but really people, of all the possible fashion items trainers are possibly the least affected by individual seasons, heck the big trainer trends seem to rotate around on a 10 year cycle!! So the only noticeable difference between a staple from spring/summer 2017 and Spring / summer 2018 collections will be in the price you pay!!

With this in mind I have highlighted below a couple of super value trainers you might want to consider picking up today. Just makesure you don’t wear them until after the snow has melted!!

1, Royal Blue Tri-colour

These lightweight canvass and suede trainers with their vintage looks will go great with a casual pair of shorts or some skinny jeans. Soft and comfortable with a unique air soft sole these are a great everyday trainer. All handmade in our factory in Spain mean that you get excellent quality at a more budget friendly price. Check out the link below for more information.


2, Retro Trainers

Designed with the same quality materials as the item above these canvass and suede trainers provide a more retro inspired look. You still get the sleek design and the luxury lining for comfort but these are better suited to the more bold and confident fashion warrior. The dark wine red tones mixed with blue suede create a bright flash of colour to any outfit and will be best worn with indigo fitted jeans or neutral chinos. Again all trainers are handmade in our factory in Spain. Check out the link below for more information


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