About us


Some people say it is classic British style, others call it smart vintage. However Williot is the historical essence of the Anton family, known for over 40 years for making world class shoes that encapsulate the origin of Spain, elegance is part of the family's DNA.


The Williot range embraces consumers from the age of 20 to 60 and the collection caters for consumes who desire the most classic and vintage designs through to the more risky and eccentric requirements. Williot offers something unique and exciting to every customer and no wardrobe is complete without a Williot item.

MADE IN SPAIN , Williot has made a commitment to continue production in Spain and Portugal and all the shoes come from Elche, hometown of the firm, which is in the Valencia region of Eastern Spain. We believe that it is very important to preserve the Spanish and European workforce. For environmental and ethical reasons we are moving away from the exploitation of labour and the low quality that other firms offer via outsourcing to none European countries. We are passionate about this issue and feel that consumers are now more aware than ever before and that consumers are no longer prepared to pay European prices for Chinese quality products. This is why we are proud to support Spanish and European manufacturing.

Williot is a family business focused on the international scene, already the shoes of this great family are already supplied around the world. Today in Asia,, Australia, the United States and across all of Europe, the Italians, French, Germans and British walk through the great cities of the world in shoes made by Williot.

Williot is now bringing the attention to detail and the quality of manufacturing they currently use to manufacture shoes and use it to produce a wider fashion menswear collection. Williot takes care of even the smallest detail from the polo shirt collars and the buttons with the brand's coat of arms, to the meticulous embroidery of the Williot dog symbol. The Spanish quality and attention to detail shines through with every item we produce. The Inspiration for Williot from its inception has been for the collection to offer an inclusive lifestyle brand for the dapper gentleman. This inspiration runs through everything the brand does and can be seen in each item, in every corner of the stores, in each photograph and is the very essence of the brand.


It is not a coincidence that the Williot symbol is a dog because the Anton family has 2 passions in life. The first is a dedication to fashion with a passion and love for clothing that stretches back almost half a century. The second is the love for dogs, the family is well-known as international dog breeders, many of whom have gone on to become world champions in different disciplines. This love for fashion coupled with an appreciation for man’s best friend insured that the only symbol Williot could use was of the founders old childhood dog.