Our Inspiration





Williot is timeless Spanish clothing with a British twist or is it timeless British clothing with a Spanish twist? The truth is we are not 100% sure ourselves!! You see the Williot journey started very much as a Spanish homage to the classic British gentleman’s attire. As a company we have always looked with envy at the traditional suave and stylish clothing of the British. Whether it be the summer classics such as bow ties, braces and oxford shirts with chinos while watching tennis at Wimbledon or the Polo in Windsor. Or perhaps matching a woollen jacket with a waistcoat and scarf for an autumnal walk with the dogs? We have always viewed these styles with fondness and we decided to put all our 40 years’ worth of experience we have in clothing and footwear manufacturing to good use and build a truly unique menswear brand that honours these iconic styles.

Our vision was to build a brand that was very much inspired by the Spanish lifestyle and using only the finest materials available and always manufactured here in Europe. We dedicated our time and resources to find the best designers and the most skilled craftsmen to complete our collections. We are now very proud to offer a complete menswear collection for the discerning customer. We offer quality made and designed stylish clothing for the man who wants more class and sophistication than his compatriots.

Williot menswear is very much the outfitters of choice for the modern day man of style and class.